Download Capcut Pro Mod APK For Android 2024

Are you worried about editing your videos on android smartphone and seeking for a powerful video editing app that can help you edit your videos easily like a pro?

Then you have come to the right place, here you will get Premium version of Cap-Cut Pro App with lots of features which cannot get with free version.

The CapCut MOD APK is a feature-rich video editing app that can help you create stunning videos with ease.

In this landing page, I will show you how to use CapCut PRO APP to edit your videos like a pro.


Changelog CapCut Mod (Whats New in Version 12.3.0):

“We’ve introduced and upgraded some features to help you make even more amazing videos
1) Performance and user experience optimizations.
2) Ai Stylize Feature to convert your photos into a an amazing anime.
3) Automatic Beat Sync Feature.
4) Save your favorite Effects & Text templates.
5) Tremendous music library and exclusive copyright songs.
6) New Ai Body VFX is now updated.
7) Bug fixes and performance improvements.
8) New Effects: Fill Behind, Magnify Background.
9) Ad Script: Meet Ad Script powered by AI, your intelligent tool for crafting the most compelling brand stories.
10) Retouch: Enhance and smooth your skin professionally. Play around with it until your skin is flawless.
11) Animate videos with keyframe animation
12) Automatically exclude people from videos using Background removal

CAPCUT PRO + Mod APK DOWNLOAD v12.3.0 [Premium Unlocked]

If you are looking for CapCut Pro APK MOD 12.3.0 then you have come to right article because, here In this website we will share a premium / unlocked version of capcut with you.

The Capcut Pro is a premium video editing app that allows you to customize how long images or videos appear in the video, as well as add cool effects, text, sounds, and other effects! As this app is a premium version, so it doesn’t come with any WATERMARK, and you can choose whether or not to include the capcut ending!

Finally, we can say that this is a time efficient application. A lots of creators are creating trending CapCut Templates.

You can find one of the most trending templates at New Trend CapCut Template.

New Features of CapCut App

In latest version of Capcut, there are huge improvements are made by the official capcut developers team. These are all artificial intelligence related features according to new era of 2024. As we already know that major companies have entered their feet at the race of Ai, then how can CapCut lag behind?

Speech to text

Improve your editing efficiency by automatically recognising various languages and generating high-accuracy captions.

Text to speech

With a single click, you can convert any writing to natural-sounding speech. There are 11 voices and 10 languages available.

Background removal

Remove the background of the portrait video accurately and replace it with an uploaded picture or change the background colour.

Resize video

In latest version of CapCut, now users can change the aspect ratio of your video and add color, images, or blur effects to the backdrop. Soon, auto reframe will be accessible!

Capcut Pro APK for Android

Resasons to choose

What is Capcut Pro App?

CapCut is also known as a free official TikTok video editor application with wide range of features such as free presets by lots of creators, music and other transition effects. It is versatile and simple to use.

In addition to basic features like video editing, text, stickers, filters, colors, and music, it also provides free advanced features like keyframe animation, smooth slow-motion effects, chroma key, Picture-in-Picture (PIP), and stabilization to help you capture and snip moments.

In simple words, CapCut Pro Mod is a time efficient application for anyone who wants to make fun by creating videos or photo. It is excellent for people of all skill levels due to its wide range of features and devices. Overall, CapCut is a fantastic app for anyone looking to create beautiful video clips or image edits.

Keyframe Animation

Smooth Slow-Motion

Chroma Key


Capcut Pro Mod APK App Features:

It is a simple & easy video editing tool that can be used anywhere. You can also make videos in your phone, on your desktop or laptop computer or even on your browser too. This app comes with smart tools to make video production easier.

Automatically generate captions for your videos in seconds.

Convert text to speech that sounds natural. Start making your story a reality.

Save your data in our Cloud Space for secure storage.

CapCut Pro allows you to preview your video in real-time, so you can see the changes you make as you make them.

You can add multiple layers to your videos, including text, music, and special effects.

Premium Version comes without any Watermark and some extra features too.

Remove video background instantly and precisely for free.

Access to your files is now faster and more smoother.

Data transmission is encrypted to prevent privacy leaks.

CapCut Pro supports a wide range of video formats, making it easy to work with any video file.

You can edit your videos with advanced tools like trimming, cutting, merging, and adding effects.

With a single click, you can change the size of your video for different social platforms.

As a team of experts in the field of video editing, we have created the ultimate guide to CapCut Pro, the latest and most powerful video editing app on the market.

Our comprehensive guide will show you everything you need to know about this app, from its features and capabilities to how to use it to create stunning videos.

With our guide, you’ll be able to take your video editing skills to the next level and create professional-looking videos that are sure to impress.

Zoom Effect Feature in Capcut

The zoom effect is one of CapCut’s most prominent features. This editing technique is used to enlarge the video screen and bring the viewer closer to an object so that it can be seen more clearly. It is frequently used in documentaries, news programmes, and other nonfiction programming where viewers need a close-up look at something.

The zoom effect has several advantages mentioned below:

  1. It can help to improve image clarity. This is especially useful when watching videos shot in low light or from a distance.
  2. Zooming can be used to isolate a specific object or person within the frame. When trying to get a better look at something, this can be useful.

To create a 3D zoom effect on your videos using CapCut, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open CapCut and import the video clip you want to add the effect to.
  2. Go to the “Effects” tab at the bottom of the screen and select “3D Zoom” from the list of options.
  3. Adjust the start and end points of the effect by dragging the markers on the timeline. You can also adjust the scale and rotation of the effect using the sliders provided.
  4. To make the effect smoother, you can add keyframes by tapping on the timeline where you want to add them, and then adjusting the settings for each keyframe.
  5. Once you’re happy with the effect, you can preview it by tapping the play button.
  6. If you want to apply the effect to other parts of the video, you can copy and paste it by tapping and holding on the effect and selecting “Copy”, then tapping on the new location and selecting “Paste“.
  7. When you’re ready to save your video, tap the “Export” button at the top right of the screen and choose your desired settings.

That’s it! With these steps, you should be able to create a 3D zoom effect on your videos using CapCut. You can also watch the below video for guidance.

Other Key Features of Capcut:


CapCut comes with a number of predefined filters that you can customise to your liking. When compared to creating one from scratch, using filters saves time and speeds up your workflow.

Filters can be added to both primary clips and overlays. You can easily add movie-style video filters and full effects into your videos, such as the Glitch effect, stop motion, Retro, and RGB.

Capcut Pro allows you to change the brightness, contrast, saturation, and vibrance of your video.

Trending Transitions

CapCut also includes a transition, which is a split-second clip that smoothly connects one shot to the next. It has a wide range of transition options, including basic, camera, MG, effect, and mask, to help you seamlessly hide your cut to another clip.

On every trend new transitions are created by the indivisual creators to entertain you and your firends through the amazing transition effects.

Text & Stickers

CapCut has the advantage of allowing us to edit our videos in the same way that we edit our photos, and the same is true for stickers.

It organises stickers into categories based on their themes. Aside from the most commonly used emoji, we have stickers such as snowflakes, stars, arrows, and time-featured or themed ones like vlog, Christmas, and New Year’s Day.

Images from your device can be imported as stickers, but only in JPG and PNG format.

Speed Control

Make a video with Vlog music and add featured music from Capcut or use your own music.

It is a professional video editing app and slideshow maker that meets all of your requirements.

Any video’s music can be extracted and used. Use a recorder to add your own voice to your video.

You can also change the volume of the music by using the music fade in/out option.

It has a Voice Changer feature that allows you to transform any voice into a robot, male, female, chipmunk, or pitch.

Special Effects

Enhance your video with beautiful movie-style video filters and Unique FX effects. Merge and combine any videos without any watermark.

You can use movie-style video filters and full effects into your videos, such as the Glitch effect, stop motion, Retro, and RGB.

Capcut Pro allows you to change the brightness, contrast, saturation, and vibrance of your video.

Install popular filters and effects from the Capcut Store to create amazing videos.

Bacgrounds & Export

Save your video in upto 4K 2160p at 30 fps (frames per second). Adjust the aspect ratio of your video according to your need. Instagram has a 1:1 ratio, YouTube has a 16:9 ratio, and TikTok and Instagram have a 9:16 ratio.

You can also include Solid, Dotted, Framed, and Custom Borders in your video.

You can add a blurry effect to your video by editing the background. To blur the background more precisely, use the Auto or Custom object selection tools.

To edit high-quality video, you can use Image, Color, and Video Layout as a background.


How to Install CapCut Pro APK?

Here are the easy steps to install an APK file on an Android device:

  1. Firstly, go to your device’s “Settings” and then tap on “Security” From there, enable the option for “Unknown sources” This will allow you to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.
  2. Once you’ve enabled this option, download Capcut Pro APK file you want to install from a trusted source.
  3. Next, locate the APK file in your device’s file manager or downloads folder. Tap on the file to begin the installation process.
  4. A prompt will appear asking you to confirm the installation. Tap “Install” to proceed.
  5. Depending on your device’s settings, you may be prompted to grant the app certain permissions. Review the permissions carefully and then tap “Accept” to proceed.
  6. The installation process will begin, and you’ll be able to see the progress on your device’s screen. Once the app is installed, you can tap “Open” to launch it.

That’s it! You’ve successfully installed CapCut Pro APK file on your Android device.

Get CapCut Pro + Mod Apk Now!

CapCut is a video editing app that allows you to quickly create high-quality photos and videos. The app includes all the tools you need to trim, crop, and edit your videos and add music, text, and transitions. The wording of this sentence has been changed to protect the privacy of our readers.

App NameCapCut Pro APK (Premium App)
CategoryVideo Players & Editors
Verion12.3.0 (Currently Latest Version)
Updated On15th July, 2024
App Size245.63 MB
Android Required5.0 or Higher
Installs1 Billion+
Developed ByBytedance Pte. Ltd.
Rating4.4 (Based on 9.46M reviews)
App TypeModded (Premium Unlocked) without Watermark


What is CapCut?

CapCut is the official Video Maker application that helps you create and edit your videos with its amazing features which is currently not available other apps. It is also versatile and simple to use even for beginners.

What is CapCut Pro / Premium?

CapCut Pro is the ultimate video editing app for both beginner and professional users. With its powerful features and user-friendly interface, you can create amazing videos in no time.

What is difference between Capcut vs Capcut Premium?

The main difference between free version versus premium version is that a premium version comes with No Watermark and some extra featuers.

Is Capcut available for Windows PC?

CapCut is a simple free video editor app that was initially only available for android and apple ios platform but now it is also available for Windows.

Is capcut app safe to use?

Yes, Capcut is 100% safe to use, which means it doesn’t contain malware or anything that might harm your device. However, it does collect personal data (as all the apps do) from its users which may be stored inside or outside the user’s country. But it is safe to download CapCut from authorized source such as TheCapCut.Pro, PlayStore, and AppStore.

Is the capcut app chinese?

Yes, CapCut is an application developed and programed by ByteDance, which is TikTok’s parent company. Because, it is a Chinese app, it was initially available only in China under the name Jianying in 2019.

Is CapCut available in Mac?

Yes, it is available for Apple Operating System but it Requires iOS 11.0 or later for iPhones and iPad, whereas Requires macOS 10.14 or later for Macbook Devices.

Is capcut music copyright free?

CapCut offers a large library of background music, including exclusive copyrighted songs. However, not all of the music is copyright free and users should check for copyright restrictions before using it in their videos.

Why capcut lagging on my device?

Capcut lagging can be caused by a variety of factors, such as an old device running old version of android or iOS, using an emulator, or not having enough storage/RAM/resources. It can also be caused by faults in the app’s operation, device specifications, or a computer that does not meet the recommended system requirements for video editing.

Can I use CapCut on laptop?

Yes, you can. Because capcut is available for your browser, desktop and laptop, or on your phone.

Is CapCut owned by TikTok?

CapCut is not owned by TikTok, but it is owned by ByteDance (a Chinese tech company that also owns TikTok). CapCut is a product of ByteDance and was originally available only for the Chinese market.